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Need a refurbished robot or any individual component? We've got that covered. With a same-as-new warranty and optional extended protection plan as well. Looking for a service plan? Give us a call: 678.947.1150.

Universal Servo Group, LLC is a locally owned and operated company in Dawson County, Georgia. The company was formed in 2007 by two exceptional men, both UGA Bulldogs. The originator attended Franklin College and graduated in 1994. In 2002, he decided to enter the hydraulic automation repair field and began in procurement. After furthering his experience in hydraulic repairs, he wanted a broader understanding of how his experience and expertise could benefit customers so he expanded into outside sales and marketing. This is when he approached his fellow UGA Bulldog, longtime friend, and business owner, for advice, and Universal Servo Group, LLC was born. As a top supplier for manufacturers in the CNC, automobile, wood products, and plastics industries, USG meets the needs of some of the largest in the world with great success. At an average customer referral rate of over 40%, Universal Servo's repeat business speaks for the quality of the company. That quality has created exceptional growth for USG in the past eight years. USG acquired Index Repair LLC, an automation company out of Nevada, in 2015, expanding the number of customers served by nearly 300 and tripling their sales force overnight. It is with this savvy outlook on business and great vision, that Universal Servo is moving the automation and robotics industry forward. Although still based in northern Georgia, USG welcomes and serves clients nationwide. With forward thinking and one eye on customer satisfaction and the other on the future, Universal Servo is the place to go for dedicated expert service in any of your automation industry field needs. Locally educated, the men that created this company put their hearts and the pride of Georgia into everything they do, and you can take that as a promise of immaculate quality and customer service. Their small-business heart and soul, and big-business range and reach, make USG the ideal place to go when you need repairs, service, re-manufacturing, and much more, for all your industrial automation needs. No job is too small, and no job too complicated for a company with this hometown heart and worldwide network. Whatever the need, give USG a call, and one of their specialists will answer all of your questions and get you started right away.

USG is a fully stocked and capable robotics & automation repair facility. From individual components to complete overhauls and re-manufactured units, we do it all. Experience with Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, Wittman, and more.

From servo amplifiers and AC and DC drives to board level components, look no further than Universal Servo. With electronic techs clocking 26 years of experience, USG is at the top of our game for electronic repairs. Whether it's a cylinder rebuild or a servo valve repair, USG is skilled with all hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders, as well as servo & proportional valves. Call us for an average repair price, so we can get you up and running.


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  • Servo Repairs20%
  • Electronic Repairs30%
  • Hydraulic Repairs35%
  • Robotic Repairs15%