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About Our Electronic & Mechanical Repair Company

Our History

Universal Servo was founded in 2007 by University of Georgia alumni, Larry Voss and investor, Stewart Bloodworth, Jr. Larry wanted to base the company on the idea of bringing electronic and mechanical repairs together under one roof. This is now commonly referred to as mechatronics. With the mission to try to be as competitive as possible while making customer service and quality the focus, Universal Servo Group, LLC (USG) was born.

Slow and Steady wins the Customer

With this idea, Larry sought out the best technicians in the industry rather than building a large sales force first. The focus was on quality. He started with servo and proportional valve technicians and shortly after, added motor technicians as well. Within a few years, USG expanded with hydraulic technicians for pumps, cylinders, gearboxes, etc. At this point, the company was seeing too many outsourced items in electronics being quoted and approved without an evaluation, only to be deemed not repairable. It was this frustration that led to Larry bringing electronic repairs in-house. Universal Servo wanted to be different. With that goal in mind, Larry turned to his team to devise a system that would quickly evaluate electronics prior to quoting, as done with all other mechanical items sent in for repair. This is one thing which sets Universal Servo apart from the competition and gives excellent service to the customer.

A Relationship that Lasts

At USG, providing extensive reporting with root cause of failure as often as possible is what the company strives to accomplish. This helps to eliminate future repairs due to the same cause. In doing this, the vision was to build relationships with companies rather than just trying to do one repair and move on. With this notion, not only did the company gain relationships, it grew them. USG gained the customer’s trust and saw more and more items across the board coming in, not just one type repair or another. As time went on, USG started to receive more robotic items i.e. teach pendants, servo motors, controllers, wrists and cable harnesses, which led to adding the robotic division. The relationships USG nurtured allowed it to grow into what it is now.

Where We Are Today

With three electronic labs, two motor divisions, the best servo and proportional valve test stand around, two additional hydraulic test benches for pumps, cylinders, etc and a complete robotics’ division to service robotic arms, controllers, and systems in-house, Universal Servo is ready to help in any situation. USG has multiple field service techs and consultants to help troubleshoot onsite at any facility. The most recent addition is a Reliability Engineer who rounds out USG’s capabilities to ensure all customers are receiving the absolute best knowledge and service in the industry. Universal Servo is proud to be a one stop shop for automation and robotics. USG continues to grow, while not cutting corners and still make quality and customer service their top priority.

It is in these principles that Universal Servo was founded on that led to so many relationships with OEMs in multiple industries. These OEMs trust USG’s quality and that means you can too. As Universal Servo has grown in supporting many of the largest companies in the world, it is proud to still be able and willing to customize projects for individual customers for what they need and how they want it done. USG is large enough to handle any account, yet small enough to work with anyone to achieve their mission and goals. Even after 14 years in business, Larry, the president, is always available to talk with anyone directly. His philosophy is “There should never be five layers of management a customer has to go through to talk to the president of a company.” Universal Servo wants to be your repair center and wants you to feel like we are all part of the same company.