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Industrial Electronic Repair Services

What Puts Universal Servo Ahead of the Rest?

USG will always work hard to find a quick and effective solution for solving any problems with our clients’ equipment and application to minimize any downtime.

With three dedicated labs specializing in industrial electronic repair services, USG can fully evaluate and repair all types of industrial electronics under one roof. Our technicians are cross trained in addition to having their specific areas of expertise. We use todays leading test equipment as well as our customized simulation to test any AC, DC, servo or spindle drive. We have labs that are dedicated to PLCs, HMIs, power supplies, light curtains and even component level repairs. In fact, our senior component level technician has been performing these types of repairs for over 35 years! Its experience that separates USG from the competitors in the industry.


Quality and Service You Can Count On

Do you get a repair report up front with each of your electronic quotes? Are you routinely told that your unit is not repairable after you have already been quoted and the unit is approved? What is the reason? It’s because most industrial electronic repair houses quote you before they ever evaluate your unit. In fact, most items are not even disassembled until you have approved the item and they know they are getting paid. USG will do an initial evaluation on most items up front to cut down on those unnecessary surprises. Our final report will be more detailed due to additional parts we replace to extend the life of your unit and to give you the best repair possible. Each unit is refurbished, not just repaired. USG will always do everything we can to return a unit to you in like new condition, inside and out. Contact us today for a quote!

What Puts Universal Servo Ahead of the Rest?

We specialize in helping you find the best solution.

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