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Hydraulic Pump Repair

Precision Testing and
Reporting Every Time

Universal Servo is an all-in-one hydraulic repair shop with multiple custom hydraulic flow benches. We are equipped to test and calibrate any and all hydraulic units used in today’s fast paced industry. While USG repairs any manufacturers’ hydraulic units, we are proud to be an Eaton authorized hydraulic pump repair center. Our simulation benches provide the unique quality that has brought us to work with many manufacturers worldwide. There is never a fee for evaluation so send in your hydraulic unit today!

Servo and Proportional Valves Made Easy!

With the same hydraulic simulation equipment used by OEM’s, we can give you the same quality of hydraulic pump repair services at a lower cost and faster lead time than the manufacturer. We provide incoming and outgoing test plots showing leakage, feedback, flow, and pressure on valve repairs. Every valve is tested and calibrated to OEM specifications on our hydraulic simulation test benches to ensure proper function in the field.

All Hydraulics Under One Roof

USG’s hydraulic shop division is equipped to rebuild any style hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder, or gearbox no matter the size. With extensive reporting and failure analysis we can not only get you up and running fast, we also can help eliminate future machine failures with technical support and consulting. Contact us today for your hydraulic pump repair needs!

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