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Robotics Repair

Brands We Repair

Precise Automation
Universal Robot

We Repair Co-bot Technology

With the launch of co-bot technology into industrial manufacturing, USG foresaw the importance of human and robot interaction.  It is because of this we have a close working relationship with multiple integrators which allows us to stay on top of the most current and up-to-date technology.  Whatever your robotic needs, Universal Servo can help.  Contact us today! 

We Save you time on Robotics Repair

USG is continuously on the fore front of the ever-changing robotics repair industry.  We serve all manufacturers of industrial robots in any and all applications. 

We are equipped to handle all electrical and mechanical repairs as well as end-of-arm tooling.
Whether repairing wrists, servo motors, servo drives, or complete refurbishments, USG is ready to accommodate your every need.
In addition to industrial robotic repair, USG is also a certified collaborative robotic repair facility.